• Logan’s Run 2016

    Once again, Logan’s Run was a HUGE SUCCESS!!  As I said during the raffle speech, Logan’s Run 2016 was the biggest year yet and was, to the best of my knowledge, the largest event that ONSC has ever hosted!!  Still waiting on final numbers, but we ended up with 65-70 driver registrants and between 120 and 130 people total.  HOLY CRAP!!  Incredible!!  Our revenue this year is 162% of what it was last year, just unreal.
    This event would not have happened were it not for John Vee and Sarah’s contributions both before and during the event.  Thank you John and Sarah for taking care of most of the day-of responsibilities :)  The food was incredible as always!!
    Derek Hamaker, Alex Cortani  and Eric Johnston huge thank you to you for soliciting sponsors!!  There’s no way we would have drawn in as many people were it not for the amazing job each of you did bringing sponsors in.  By far this was the best sponsor turnout we’ve ever had.
    Eric Forrest, Eric Johnston and John Vee thank you for helping me with inspections!!  There were a ton to do and I don’t think we had one failure.  One takeaway from the inspection is that I’d like to start selling First Aid kits at the registration tent along with CBs and fire extinguishers.
    Another huge thank you to Alex Cortani for being our club photographer!!
    Finally, thank you to everyone else who was an on-site volunteer for food prep, registration tent duties (especially Marie!!).  Putting on an event for 120-130 people is no small feat, so we appreciate everyone’s help putting it together.
    It is my absolute pleasure helping put on this event for the incredible members of ONSC.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but I truly consider ONSC to be my family, so it is my privilege to be given the opportunity to help organize this event.  I will continue doing this as long as you will have me.  I appreciate everyone’s continued support :D
    This year has more or less cemented the fact that we are out-growing the capacity provided by Group Camp.  As the year progresses, please think about alternate venues for Logan’s Run within the immediate vicinity of the Uwharrie National Forest.  If we don’t want to move from Group Camp to another venue, then we must look at capping the number of trucks that can attend Logan’s Run.  Please share your opinions via email, phone call, text, PM or simply a post here.
    I’ll see a bunch of you at Portsmouth Island, then hopefully even more at the X-Mas party this December.
    As a result of the raffle and amazing attendance we were able to donate $1000 to BRC and $1000 to Friends of Uwharrie!!  Amazing!!  Thank you!!
    Thanks again everyone!!!
    Youtube Channel:  John Casale
    Poor guys on the dirt bikes were whooped by the time we got to the top:
    Right as we finished installing Kenny’s new bumper:

  • ONSC Meet and Greet – March 2016

    Once again, a very successful Meet and Greet!  Without sounding like a broken record year over year, I’ve got to start out with the thanks.
    Thank you Kenny and Lydia, as well as John W, for allowing us to use the barn!!  I’m glad we were able to get so much wood cut.  Unfortunately the shower enclosure wasn’t in the cards for this weekend, although we sure could have used it.
    Thank you to John Vargosko for cooking the pig!!  It was delicious as always :D
    Thank you to Allen for administering the raffle!!  Congrats to Eric Rymer for winning the trasharoo and congrats to Brian Keefer for winning the $250 gift certificate :D
    Congrats to the winners of the 2016 BOD election!!  Together we’ll be able to continue improvement in the club and maintain the family-like atmosphere we’ve always had.
    Now, for the workdays.  First up, the wood cutting.  None of us could make it Thursday night, so we all got there Friday AM and cutting commenced at roughly 11am.  By noon, we had sweat through our shirts.  We got through an estimated 14 logs in good time and the splitting crew made quick work of it.  For those who were following the chain discussions in the canceled barn work party thread, I tried out a yellow chain for the first time on my MS290 and HOLY CRAP was it awesome.  Instead of having to push and rock the saw to get through a log with the green chain, the yellow chain RIPPED through the log.  I had to hold up on the saw to get it to cut straight and not bog down.  Very impressive.  I’m only buying yellow chains from here on out.
    Saturday morning was awesome.  We met at the Dutch John parking lot at ~9am and had a HUGE turnout!!  The goals were to get all of the rail and posts off of *that one section of Rocky Mountain Loop* and staged up on the back side of Daniel, and then to pull the rest of the posts from the Dutch John parking lot up to the back side of Daniel.  It was a lot of work, but since we had so many people, we got it all done.  As everyone heard, I fried another rear driveshaft and rear output yoke on my transfer case, but had all the parts, so it only took 30 min to change everything out.  After the fix, we went up to *that one section of Rocky Mountain Loop* to take some pictures and play one last time.
    Saturday night was epic, as always.  The pot-luck was a roaring success and we have leftovers for days.  Thank you to everyone who brought food!!
    Now for the pictures.  Workday:
    Pulling posts:
    POP goes the driveshaft.  My right foot was a little too liberal with the torque application:
    Garrett driving!!
    Last load of the day:
    Thanks again everyone :D  I’ll see you again soon!!

  • 2015 ONSC X-Mas Party!

    As usual, we had an amazing time at the Christmas Party this year!
    First off, the thanks.  Without Kenny and his wonderful wife, this event might not exist.  Watch out for a workday of sorts on the barn in the future.  Thank you Kenny :cheers:
    Next up, thank you to John Vee and Sarah Stabley for picking up the food!
    Huge thank you to Darin Touw and Eric Johnston for working with the forest service to get our work day lined up!  It’s safe to say that the Christmas Party Workday is now a staple of the event :)
    Thank you to everyone who helped split wood on Friday and Saturday!  It’s a huge help to Kenny and Lydia that we were able to get some done, but we’ve got a lot more to do!!
    As I’ve said before and will say again, I consider every ONSC member to be part of my family.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this event.  It was a ton of fun for me and everyone else.
    I can’t wait till the Meet and Greet!  Everyone make sure to attend your local meetings as often as possible and do your best to make it out to the Meet and Greet!
    The saw that needs a new chain :lol:
    Meeting for the workday:
    And finally, the drive home.
    See everyone soon!!

  • Cruisin’ the Carolinas – Logan’s Run 2015 – Trip Report

    Once again, we had an incredible Cruisin’ the Carolinas, Logan’s Run!!!  This year was one of our biggest!!  HUGE thank you to John V and Sarah S for doing the entire food-prep, among many other things, to make this event happen.  It literally wouldn’t have happened were it not for their efforts.
    :clap: :clap: :clap:
    Also, a HUGE thank you to our sponsors!!  Their donations fueled raffle ticket sales, which will increase our charitable donations.  Once we have final numbers, we will announce how much we are able to donate.  Lest I forget James for taking pictures of the raffle winners :grinpimp:
    These events are awesome from a wheeling perspective, although the CCLR organizers can improve with trail group organization, the best part for me is being able to hang out with all of the members of this club.  Without our incredible membership base CCLR would not be the amazing event is is!!
    I can not wait for the rest of this year’s events.  Black Balsam, then Portsmouth Island and finally the X-Mas party to close out the calendar year.  Thank you to each and every member of ONSC :cheers:
    Now for the pictures.
    :lol: (this was a joke)

    Thanks again!!!

  • Cruisin’ the Carolinas – Logan’s Run 2015

    September 17, 2015 – September 20, 2015

    4021 N Carolina 109

    View MapMap and Directions | Register




    CCLR - 2014


    Cruisin’ Carolina – Logan’s Run 2015 is the Fifth annual off-roading and camping event, hosted by Olde North State Cruisers (ONSC), the Toyota Land Cruiser Association’s (TLCA) only chapter in North Carolina.

    This family friendly event is held at the Uwharrie National Forest, which located off of Highway 109 between Denton and Troy, NC. ONSC has once again reserved Group Camp within the Uwharrie National Forest to host the event. This campground provides clean bathrooms and showers, along with primitive camping sites for both tents and vehicles.

    Ample parking space is available for RVs as well as tow rigs and their trailers.

    In addition to the campsite, Badin Lake is within walking distance, which offers swimming and a boat launch. There are also many hiking trails throughout the Uwharrie trail system. This is a link to the Uwharrie Trail Map, including OHV, horse and hiking trails: http://onsc4x4.com/uwharrie/

    The tentative event schedule is as follows:

    • Thursday, September 17th, 2015
      • Guests can begin arriving at 10:00am on Thursday. We have Group Camp site A reserved for the early birds
      • Vehicle Inspection will occur as vehicles arrive.
        • ONSC Vehicle Inspection Requirements can be found at the following URL; http://onsc4x4.com/vehicle-inspection/
        • LR 2015 will be the first year where inspection regulations will be forced and non-compliant vehicles will be denied from participation
        • See John Casale for further Vehicle Inspection Requirement questions.
    • Friday, Sepember 18th, 2015
      • Please ensure that your vehicle has been inspected prior to hitting the trails
      • People will continue to arrive
      • Groups gather at 12:00pm in the field in the middle of Group Camp
        • Trucks will be divided up into groups based on difficulty of the trails participants want to run
        • Each group will have a designated trail leader and tail gunner
        • Groups will wheel from 9:00am until roughly 6:00pm with lunch up to the individual participants
      • Dinner is up to the individual on Friday night.
    • Saturday, Sepember 19th, 2015
      • Groups gather at 8:00am in the field in the middle of Group Camp
        • Trucks will be divided up into groups based on difficulty of the trails participants want to run
        • Each group will have a designated trail leader and tail gunner
      • Groups will wheel from 9:00am until roughly 6:00pm with lunch up to the individual participants
      • Dinner will be at 7:30pm at Group Camp site A, which is the site to the right when driving into Group Camp
      • The Raffle will begin at 9:00pm and last until roughly 10:30pm
      • From 10:30pm until ??, we will gather around the campfire and tell tall tales until whenver
    • Sunday, September 20th, 2015
      • Those that wish to wheel will gather at 8:00am in the field in the middle of Group Camp
        • Trucks will be divided up into groups based on difficulty of the trails participants want to run
        • Each group will have a designated trail leader and tail gunner
      • Groups will wheel from roughly 9:00am until whenever they wish
      • Clean-up and the end of our event is Sunday afternoon

    Once again, our profits will be donated to charites like Tread Lightly and the Blue Ribbon Coalition.
    Our ability to use the beautiful Uwharrie National Forest hinges not only on our responsible land-use policies (think Tread Lightly) and volunteer hours, but also on the advocacy efforts of the BRC and Tread Lightly. Our donations will go to those foundations, who will use them to help ensure that our trails continue to be available to use not only for us, but for our progeny. Individual donations are always welcome!

    Click the link at the top to begin the registration process!! (Driver only, or driver with 1,2,3 or 4 passengers).  If you need more than four passengers, email john.v.casale@gmail.com and I’ll get you taken care of.  Once you’ve filled out the form, click Submit and you’ll be brought to a PayPal website, where you can pay via PayPal or credit/debit card.


    Page 1 is “Minimum Vehicle Requirements”.  Everything on page 1 is required to be in compliance or else you will not be allowed to wheel at this event.  That’s this page:
    Page 2 is “Evaluated Items”.  This section is at the discretion of the inspector.  For example, if everything on Page 1 and 2 are good except you have an egregious fluid leak, you will fail the inspection and not be allowed to wheel at this event.  Alternately, if everything on page 1 and 2 are good except you don’t have a radio or a winch, you will pass.  Page 2 is this one:
    It is REQUIRED to have everything on Page 1 and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have everything on Page 2.  These rules exist not only to ensure the safety of our drivers, but also ensure that we Tread Lightly.


  • Uwharrie Workday – January 2015

    This past weekend, a number of ONSC members went out and put a day in at the Uwharrie National Forest, installing guardrail on our newly adopted trail, Dickie Bell.  We ended up putting up roughly 200′ of guardrail before the end of the day in an effort to prevent people from traveling off-trail in the forest.

    Thanks to everyone who came out!

  • Another ONSC year comes to an end

    As with every year the ONSC calendar year ends with a Christmas party. This year the venue was once again the Monks barn. We can’t say enough about how much we love the Monks and all they do for this club they are one of the pillars that keep it all together.

    To recap this year we had quite a few trips and quite a few work days at Uwharrie. 12 work days were done where we had some ONSC presence to help keep the Uwharrie trails open. We had trips to Hurricane Creek, OBX, Portsmouth Island, Raush Creek, GSMTR, Black Balsam, and our signature event, Logan’s Run.

    ONSC would like to thank all our members and especially members that kept the trail work at Uwharrie going this year. This year we made T-shirts to give to members that made it out to 3 or more workdays.

    The BOD is looking forward to next year and making it even bigger and better than last year.


    ONSC works to repair a damaged member’s truck


    Johnny Casale drags guard rail for us to put up and cut off illegal access


    Guard Rail Up


  • A Thank You to our Sponsors

    What a success! Olde North State Cruiser members have now enjoyed our fourth Cruising the Carolinas/Logan’s Run event since the passing of the events namesake, Logan Monk, in 2011.

    On behalf of the ONSC Board of Directors, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful. It was the vision of the Board of Directors and the Planning Committee to have this year’s event be the biggest and best one yet. Your generous contribution helped make our vision a reality with your raffle prize donation. This year we had 47 Trucks in attendance and over 100 people. With those numbers and sales of our raffle tickets we were able to donate $1000 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the Friends of Uwharrie. Both are 4wd charities dedicated to keeping our hobby  alive through trail and land access.

    I know Logan would be proud at his name helping to keep his favorite place on the planet, Uwharrie, open.

    I would offer a heart felt thank you from myself and the rest of the BOD for helping us make this event great.

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